Prof. Dr. med. Christianto B. Lumenta – Appointments Munich


Sonnenstraße 24 – 26

80331 München


Tel.: +49(0)89-1499037400

Main focus

In the Isarklinikum I offer surgery mainly on the spine. Here I can efficiently apply my experience in precise, minimally invasive surgical technique, since in Isarklinikum the state-of-the-art equipment in the operating rooms can be used such as microscope, O-arm (CT-like imaging), navigation, etc. If an operation is not indicated, I use to perform e.g. local injections or radio frequency therapy depending on personal need of the patient. Pre- and postoperative medical and nursing care is at a high level. The patient accommodation is of the highest comfort in a hotel-like atmosphere with an à la carte menu.

Prof. Dr. med. Christianto B. Lumenta – Appointments Hannover

International Neuroscience Institute Hannover

Rudolf-Pichlmayr-Strasse 4

30615 Hannover

Main Focus

The complex neurosurgical interventions of all kinds are performed by the International Neuroscience Institute INI Hannover ( The neurosurgical department in INI-Hannover offers you:

  • Interdisciplinary treatment: Specialists in the fields of neurosurgery, neurology, interventional neuroradiology and diagnostic neuroradiology, oncology, ENT, orthopedics and others. In individual cases, diagnosis and therapy are interdisciplinary.
  • State-of-the-art surgical planning through specialized diagnostic procedures including preoperative imaging using a high-field MRI (3 Tesla MRI).
  • State-of-the-art surgical procedures using most modern microscopes, neuronavigation and all minimally invasive surgery with intraoperative imaging (MRI, CT and DSA) and intraoperative neuromonitoring
  • Optimal postoperative follow-up through state-of-the-art ICU, Intermediate Car Station and bed stations with upscale, hotel-like comfort.


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